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Barnes & Noble goes back to basics with new Nook

Radford C. May 24, 2011 0

Subtitled The Simple Touch Reader,” with a single 6-inch black and white touchscreen, Barnes & Noble is taking a step back with an E-Ink screen and nothing else. With no keyboard comes more screen real estate especially when compared directly to the Kindle 3. B&N also made sure to drive other points of comparison home, like 80 percent less flashing” to which they’re referring to that black screen flash that you get during E-Ink page turns and double the battery life at two months. The touchscreen works with IR technology, which should hopefully mitigate some of the problems with E-Ink touchscreens and decreased readability in fact, B&N promises a 50 percent improvement over the original Nook. For storage there’s 2GB built-in and a microSDHC slot for swapping in your copy of Proust, with a WiFi connection for snagging new titles (but no 3G). Under the hood there’s a 800MHz TI OMAP3 processor, running Android 2.1. or your custom mod of choice once the hackers get ahold of this.


B&N also is promising some new ways to discover and share books, with Nook Friends” sharing over Facebook, Twitter, and email using LendMe and ePub. The portal will somehow augment this process.

The new Nook will retail for $139 and starts shipping on June 10th. Meanwhile the original Nook will drop to $119 for WiFi and $169 for 3G and be retired once supplies run out”¦ the end of a dual-screen era!

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