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BBM: Music To My Ears

Tony Hannides Aug 19, 2011 1


Well it looks like Blackberry is continuing to  reinvent themselves with cooler phones and newer features. We all love to listen to music (I hope) and a good amount of us do that via our phones. With services like Google Music Beta, Slacker Radio, Amazon and Pandora, it seems that we can’t get enough options to listen to our favorite tracks. Well the boys at RIM/Blackberry have created a new music sharing service. For less than $10/month, a Blackberry user can have access to Blackberry’s music catalog, download/rent 50 songs at a time and share them to other Blackberry users via Blackberry Messenger (BBM). To many, BBM is just a free texting platform for Blackberry users to avoid a texting plan but now you’ll be able to send an actual song to your friends. Services like Pandora or Slacker allow you to post on Twitter or Facebook what song you’re listening. However, in order to listen to it, your friends would have to take the steps in finding it through their music outlets. Blackberry has sign deals with record labels so like Apple, they should not have any problems. There’s no name for this new service or official launch date. However, according to The New York Times, we should be seeing this in Blackberries in the next few weeks.


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