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Best Buy Rep: “iPads are Generally for Older People.”

Radford C. Aug 16, 2012 0

With the Samsung and Apple trial soon to reach a fever pitch over their patent and design portfolios, CNET’s  Chris Matyszczyk decided to take a personal approach to see how the reps at Best Buy would react if he would confuse an iPad with a Samsung tablet. So he did – by driving to the first Best Buy he came across and became a “naive” customer. Could anyone really wander into Best Buy and confuse a Samsung Galaxy Tab with an iPad? Internally, that’s the question Matyszczyk wanted to have answered.

What happened in the next moments after approaching electronics giant’s store was nothing short of some serious naivete from the company’s reps.

“Oscar” which Matyszcyk jokingly assigned to one of the Best Buy reps and began the convo:

Oscar — that wasn’t his name (why get him into trouble?) — told me: “Yes.”
“Really?” I replied, a little bemused. “There’s no difference?”
“They do the same thing,” Oscar clarified.
“But aren’t they identical?” I insisted.
“Oh, no,” he said. “Look, the design’s slightly different.”

Then Matyszcyk went for the objective:

So I asked: “Which one should I buy?”
“That’s easy,” said Oscar. “The iPad.”
“Why?” I asked
“It’s easy to use,” he said with gusto. “I bought my parents one each and they love them.”
“iPads are generally for older people. For the younger people, I don’t usually recommend an iPad so much. I recommend an Android.”

When Matyszcyk asked why younger customers would prefer the an Android tablet over the iPad, he offered a single reasoning, “customization,” said Oscar. The best part comes when Matyszcyk brings up the the trial between Samsung and Apple. At that point, “Oscar” offers his knowledge between the two behemoth companies over what the trial is really about. “But I heard at that trial that they’re saying that the Galaxy Tab and the iPad look the same,” said Matyszcyk.

“Nah,” he replied. “Look, they don’t. In any case, they’re not really fighting about the design at the trial. They’re fighting about the insides.”


Could part of the reason and possible confusion between the tablets stem from horribly misinformed store reps? Leave a comment below.

Via »CNet