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Best Buy Taking In Used-DVDs To Discount Blu-ray Discs

Radford C. Apr 24, 2012 0
Best Buy Logo

Image Courtesy of Best Buy

Best Buy has no shortage of new-release and archived Blu-ray Disc movies (without UltraViolet). Now the electronic retailer is hoping to encourage more consumers to go Bluray by matching BD prices with DVDs thanks to a disc trade-in.

This doesn’t mean you can trade in DVD versions of Battlefield Earth or Independence Day for District 9.  Customers who bring in an “approved”, used DVD movie (up to five discs per visit) receive a $5 coupon per disc toward the purchase of a Blu-ray movie. Obviously, backups don’t count.

Details of Best Buy’s Blu-ray “Upgrade & Save” campaign can be found by clicking the link.  Recent releases also available for $14.99 plus coupon include Tower Heist (Eddie Murphy), Young Adult (Charlize Theron), Footloose (That Chick From Dancing With The Stars), My Week With Marilyn (Michelle Williams) and Justified: The Complete Second Season.

With Best Buy struggling to adapt to a home entertainment market dominated by cable’s on-demand offerings and online streaming. To see which DVDs qualify for trade in check out the source below.

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