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Beyond: Two Souls Gameplay Presentation

Sean W. Aug 27, 2012 0




Here is a gameplay presentation for Beyond: Two Souls from the Heavy Rain game studio Quantic Dreams.  This video was taken from a person in the room where David Cage presenting the demo.

Beyond: Two Souls was first shown off at E3 2012 in Sony’s press conference.  It is tackling the subject of death and what happens when one dies.  The story is about Jodi Holmes, played by real actor Ellen Page, a woman with a ghost called Ivan that protects her.  She is being chased by a special forces group who have her surrounded.  At this point, the game becomes a hybrid of Heavy Rain and Flower.  Playing the ghost will have you flying around the environment interacting with elements like cars and people.  The game uses Heavy Rain style prompts after, for example, taking control of human to kill them, possesses them or more.

Beyond: Two Souls is expected to be released early 2013 for the Playstation 3.