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Bing Gains 25% of Search Engine Market Share

Radford C. Feb 9, 2011 0

Front page of Bing

Well, this is a nice surprise for the boys at Redmond. Microsoft’s search engine has some encouraging metrics. Experian Hitwise data for January shows Bing with 12.8 percent of the search market, up from 10.6 percent in December-a 21 percent gain. Add to that the 14.62 percent share claimed by the now-powered-by-Bing Yahoo and Bing’s got more than a quarter of the U.S. search market. This is hardly a slice of Google’s current dominance in search (68 percent), but when compared to their best-forgotten Live Search days (10 percent), it is a notable improvement.
Stats of Percentage of US Searches

What is more interesting is Experian’s data on search success rate. Bing’s success rate in finding a website or webpage is better than Google’s. Bing’s success rate is 81.68 percent while Google’s is at 65.57 percent.

Stats on search success rate

All those searches on hiybbprqag and torsorapy screwing things up for you-right, Google?

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