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Bing Now Searches Through Facebook Friends’ Photos

Radford C. Aug 30, 2012 0

The best way for another search engine to compete against Google is to team up with a social network that has been bugging the search giant in another space. Microsoft’s partnership with Facebook has been playing a large role in Bing search. Now, thanks to the continuous Bing-Facebook integration, Microsoft announced Thursday that you can now use the site to search friends’ photos.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that those incriminating photos from spring break are open for the general public to see on Bing. Instead, when you visit the site, you can only search for your friends’ photos that have been made viewable. It’s likely that Bing makes use of your login session from Facebook. It allows you to look at the recent photos on a more Pinterest style and takes away the guessing game on who uploaded a photo. Additionally, it makes it easier to find just what users are looking for.

From Bing:

Looking for that epic shot from last winter’s ski trip? Or the I-could-die-laughing photo of your roommate’s cat dancing? With more than 300 million photos uploaded to Facebook per day, photo viewing is one of the most popular things people do on Facebook. Bing now lets you quickly find that special photo (out of your friends’ thousands) on Facebook with the new Friends’ Photo feature. Now, with Bing, you can easily search and browse your friends’ photo collections–whether you’re looking for a specific moment, or just want to see what your friends have been up to at

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