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Bioshock Developer Hiring Off Metacritic Score and Multiplayer in Infinite

Sean W. Jul 26, 2012 0

Irrational Games are looking for an employee with good Metacritic scores and it looks as though Bioshock Infinite might be getting a multiplayer mode.

According to Destructoid, Irrational Games, developers of Bioshock and the upcoming Bioshock Infinite, are looking for a good employee and are requiring this employee has worked on a game that scored at least 85 on Metacritic.  The job is for the position of design manager and the person who gets the position will be leading a team.  Using Metacritic as a requirement is a bit funny as the site’s ratings are not really scientific based.  Instead, it’s based on averages by taking every letter and number grade review and converting them it into a scale of 100, then averaged out.  Not all sites are counted equally and reviews that “troll” games have been known to be on the service bringing down scores.  Lastly, and most importantly, is the team aspect.  Many teams of people work on games so finding one employee with this score under their belt doesn’t make them the right employee.  Hopefully the best employee gets the job whether or not they have the Metacritic requirement.

As far as the other requirements for this position, they seem more typical.  6+ years as game designer, 4+ in managing direct reports, they need to know games and worked on teams that have released at least three titles.  Another requirement is a “strong passion for First Person Shooters” which means this job could be for work on the delayed Bioshock Infinite.  Interesting enough, this “new hire” will have focused on developing a multiplayer focused game.  Bioshock Infinite was delayed most recently as Kevin Levine stated it was because they “uncovered opportunities to make Infinite into something even more extraordinary”.  Many stated that the game might be getting multiplayer but the development studio when on a media blackout after the last delay so all we have is just speculation.

Via »Destructoid