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Bioshock Infinite Trailer: Fractions At War

Sean W. Jun 18, 2011 1

It’s hard not to notice the absolutely amazing visuals of Bioshock Infinite.   From the few shots shown and the amazing game trailer footage that looked too good to be true, it’s hard to contain the excitement for this game.  Irritational Games have released a new trailer for Bioshock Infinite featuring Ken Levine, creative director of Bioshock, explaining the back story and the world the game.

The game takes place in the “City of Columbia” which is a U.S. Government built floating city that is a monument for the greatness of America.   A power struggle is taking place within Columbia between, essentially, a group of conservatives and a group of liberals.  The liberals are working to unionize workers and support minorities for example.   The conflict between these two groups has escalated to the chaos that is present on Columbia as the main character is playing his part in the game.

The whole premise hear is extremely interesting and has a mature element that really makes the Bioshock world interesting again.

  • Radford C.

    This FPS definitely stands out and is worth checking out.