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Black Mesa Source (Half Life 1 Remake) Mod Is Alive With A Release Date

Radford C. Sep 3, 2012 1

Since 2004, the Black Mesa source mod has been through the tumultuous development of making deadlines and breaking them.  The mod project was launched in the same year following fan disappointment over Valve’s official Half-Life ‘remake’, Half-Life: Source, which was a mostly a port.

Now, the Black Mesa: Source website has been updated with a countdown timer currently standing at 10 days before the game’s first of several releases. Black Mesa Source project leader Carlos Montero posted on the site’s forums confirming the game’s official release. From the armchair gamer’s perspective, it seemed rather straightforward. Updated graphics of Half Life 1 using the source engine.

Originally, the group kicked in afterburners to complete the project in 2009. “When we planned our 2009 release, we really believed we were going to be able to make that a reality,” said Montero in an interview with Polygon. “We ended up busting our asses to make that a reality, and we went against a lot of our core values in the process. We found ourselves rushing things, cutting things, making quality sacrifices we did not want to make. And more than ever we found ourselves realizing that we could do a lot of things so much better.”

As the release date approaches for the release, Montero recollects on the diversity of the Black Mesa team and its focus on driving a passionate development in the game versus providing members “a big list of work to do”.

In the forums, Montero has promised a remake of Valve’s original 1998 title Half-Life using the Source Engine, using brand new assets, sounds and voiceovers, all fully reconstructed to bring the Half-Life universe to modern times . The remake will include the original game’s protagonists, Gordon Freeman, as well as the original cast of characters and environments.

On September 14, the team will release the first of several releases of the Black Mesa mod. As for whether Black Mesa will require Half Life 2 or Half Life: Source to play, the project’s site says any copy of any Source-based game installed on Steam will do.



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