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Blackberry App World hits 99,500 Apps

Radford C. May 1, 2012 0

RIM VP of Developer Relations Alec Saunders jumped on stage at BlackBerry World 2012 (Orlando) to pull some numbers confirming that the Canadian smarphone maker has hit 99,500 application mark in its BlackBerry OS and PlayBook App World stores.

Saunders also addressed the notion that developers were leaving the BlackBerry platform by reporting the rate of growth of App World. By 2011 alone, the app count grew by 254% from 2010 – which has somehow stayed in stealth mode by RIM for the whole year.

But there is some disconcerting feeling about this number considering that Blackberry 10 is pretty much a do over. I suspect that it is a brand new platform altogether in the same vain as how Microsoft broke away from Windows Mobile with Windows Phone. Apple’s App Store and Google Play still reign supreme in app count with 400,000 apps each and with the upcoming BlackBerry 10 platform, it’ll be interesting to see how RIM addresses BB7 developers to either migrate their apps to Blackberry 10 or create for a whole new paradigm altogether.

Via »TechRadar