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Bookmark Of The Week: Scare your torrent-loving friends with You Have Downloaded

Radford C. Dec 12, 2011 0

Pirate ShipJust to let you know, there’s no foolproof way to be absolutely sure that your BitTorrent downloads are private and hidden. To prove it, one web site is posting your downloading habits out and in the open for all to see, and so we all understand how easy it can be to find out what people are downloading all the way down to the to the individual IP addresses.

You Have Downloaded is a new site that claims to know what files you’ve been torrenting and what you’ve downloaded — and it makes all of that information public to anyone who types in your IP address. Except mine. Haha! See below.

If you visit the site, You Have Downloaded will look up your IP and display any torrents it has managed to scrape that are associated with you. If you change your IP regularly or have a dynamic IP, it may not have anything on you — or at least nothing recent — but if you’ve had the same IP for a while and do a lot of downloading, it’s possible it will have at least some record of you. The folks behind the site claim they are watching 20% of all public tracker downloads, and they’re expanding to keep track of more, which means if you’re not on the site now, you may be soon.

At the moment, the site currently has a database of over 51 million users, over 100,000 torrents, a million files, and it’s still growing. The folks behind the site want their project to be a wake up call to encourage downloaders to embrace torrenting through a VPN or proxy.