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Borderlands 2 Goes Gold, Incoming September 18

Radford C. Aug 21, 2012 0

Gearbox CEO and President Randy Pitchford has confirmed on Twitter that Borderlands 2 has gone gold. Between now and September 18, a bunch of plants will be spinning retail discs all day long in the US.  Good thing we played the darn thing back at E3 behind closed doors. So far so good. As for the PC gamers, Steam will be there to save a trip to the store.

Everything we expected from the original Borderlands seems to all be there in its sequel. When Sean and I played the multiplayer co-op mode of the game, the pacing was seemed more streamlined and easier to customize weapons and all sorts of other classes.

For now, get a jump on the Borderlands 2 – Come and Get Me Trailer. We’ll have our buried impressions of the game at E3 prior to release. Look out for our review as well.