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Boxee Expands The Boxee Box To Support Live TV

Sean W. Nov 16, 2011 1

Boxee Box Live TV Adaptor

Boxee has made a Coaxial/BNC to USB dongle that will allow Boxee users to watch live TV through the Boxee Box.  This will allow HD and SD content to be mixed in with the other Boxee programming available.

Boxee is marketing this towards cable cutters.  The idea is watch over-the-air content through the Boxee Box and not pay the $80 price tags associated with cable or satellite.  This mean anyone living outside the range of over the air HD content would still be out of luck.  The live TV adaptor has a built in tuner to receive the signals so no need for anything else.

This dongle is not Mac or PC compatible, either now or in the future so this isn’t the great computer to antenna adaptor we’ve are all dreaming of.

This item is expecting to be available in January and will sell for $50.