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Bullet Run Grabs Multiplayer FPS By The Ear (Hands-On Gameplay And Interview)

Radford C. Jun 5, 2012 1

Bullet Run is Free-To-Play First Person Shooter with a twist. How many times have we heard that before? But, despite the millions of multiplayer variations, this one does put one thing on the table that even BulletStorm can’t put a candle to – looking good killing people and blatantly making fun of them for it.

Bullet Run’s premise will remind you of the movies The Running Man or Gamer as each player acts as a contestant of the wild TV show where your wardrobe and your taunts excite the spectators of the deadly sport. Forget trying  to find all of those camping spots in the map or arena because it’s pretty much useless in this game.

The game rewards you for being “action oriented” meaning, spectators love it if you shank several of your opponents in the back versus spraying into a whole room of people. The game mode we played was Team Deathmatch. You’re given a variety of the standard fare weapons like the shotgun, mid-range rifle, etc. But what really stands out gameplay-wise is the taunting.

The whole time, gamers are fighting for stardom in 15 minute bursts. Commentators even capture all of the action during the whole time and your showmanship is just as important as the kill, especially if  you’re near the body. Basically the point is shoot someone in the face, dance around their body and get a nice multiplier via “Heat”. Of course, you’ll also have access to a gamut of upgrades such as muzzle breaks and scopes the more you humiliate others but it’s a ton of fun. The more you pump up the crowd, the better. So campers no need apply – that included me in the beginning. What’s really fun is trapping the opponents and stabbing them sideways. As you multiply your bonus points, you get access to bonus stuff right away such as the enemy-trapping robots, aerial ammo attacks, turrets and mini-guns action. There’s also revenge kills. Turrets are especially fun when they’re put inside the fog, steam or smoke.

The game plays well and the pacing is furious especially when many opponents are involved.

Interview with Ian Compton – Senior Designer


Check the jump on the video to join in all the hilarity:

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