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Radford C. May 17, 2012 0

Bitly Logo The link shortening service Bitly is reportedly working on search engine, according to The Verge. After getting a round of funding at $20 million, the startup has been hard at work at trying to diversify its product lineup. And with their new office, it may appear that bitly is also going to beef up its staff with more engineers.

Assuming this is true, the extra funds and all the data they get from all the link shortening they’ve been doing should help the company expand from more than just a link statistics service. And although it still plays a major part of its business, there are plenty of other link shortening services that are offering more and more features as the link shortening market is aiming towards integrating other social networks.

If does unveil a search engine, it will mostly likely be working in real-time that would pull data from its analytics. It could possibly break down trending pages which have been shorted on and potentially leverage a variety of social networks like Facebook and Twitter. With Bit.Ly in the search game, it now joins the rumor mill with Facebook reportedly making a search engine of their own.

To date, New York-based Bitly has raised $15 million from investors such as Ron Conway, SV Angel, and AOL Ventures.

Via »The Verge