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BlackBerry Payment Service allows devs to sell stuff within their stuff

Radford C. Jan 17, 2011 0

Blackberry Payment Service App Screen

Yes. It sounds confusing and, in some cases, horribly labelled and this image does not make it any clearer. Blackberry App World (RIM‘s equivalent to Apple’s App Store) has always had the ability to sell apps. Now, Blackberry developers have the ability to sell stuff within their apps. This allows Blackberry games and apps to sell add-ons or virtual machetes in your beat-em-up for actual cash. If developers wanted to be really greedy, they can now sell you the game and sell you each level within the game. Even then, there are still limitations and rules as to how you use the SDK (Software Development Kit) when monetizing virtual or digital stuff. Want to setup virtual currencies or in-app credits? No can do. Want to sell a virtual car in a Blackberry racing game but want to use the same car in another platform like XBox Live? Nada. Consequently, to make this successful, App World still needs a couple of more apps in there…like a few hundred thousand.

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