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Blockbuster wants to survive but wants cash

Radford C. Jan 17, 2011 0

As streaming media and DVD-mailer giant Netflix continues its dominance in the rental movie wars, Blockbuster is at its last leg, bruised and badly decimated by its losses. In plain desperation, Blockbuster has asked its creditors for quick cash to get out of its bankruptcy. That would be great if they actually had a plan but now it’s ultimately up to the cash gods. Should the creditors put more faith in Blockbusters’ stock or should they just outright sell them. For many on the outside it is easy to see how Blockbuster simply did not move fast enough to keep pace with the changing times. In our rapidly transforming world, it is so important for a business to stay ahead of the curve. In Blockbusters defense, the curve moves pretty fast and shifts around quite a bit. But do they need to bring down the rest of its creditors?

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