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Google breaks 1 billion unique visitors in May

Radford C. Jun 23, 2011 2

Google Logo

No Internet company has ever achieved that, according to a report from comScore and this is not limited to Google searches either. Do people search this often? Not exactly. But you can bet that YouTube, Gmail and whole slew of other related Google websites (i.e. Picasa) play a part in this monumentous number. 2nd to Google is Windows OS maker Microsoft which was reported at 905 million unique visitors in May and MSNBC plays a part in this stat as well while Facebook was third with 714 million uniques.

That is a ton of traffic folks. Just 5 years ago, ComScore saw Google at 496 million while MS was at the lead with 539 million . Meanwhile at Harvard, Mark Zuckerberg started This was a time when Google just bought YouTube. It’s crazy how far internet companies have come.

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