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Google Music Features Artist Hub For Unsigned Artist To Sell Their Music

Sean W. Nov 17, 2011 0

Google Music Artist Hub Example

In addition to all the syncing features and new collections of music Google has for sale on their music service, they’ve also added an Artist Hub.  The Artist Hub is a place where unsigned artists can get their music on Google Music and be able to sell it without needing to be signed to a record label.

The Artist Hub is free to sign up for.  An independent music artist can create their own page for people to find an explore and upload their music for purchase on the Android Market.  The artist chooses how much the music will sell for and pay a one time fee of $25 to upload songs to the service.  This is another option comparing to Tunecore, which is a service where unsigned artists can get their music on the iTunes and Amazon stores for sale.  After music is uploaded to the service, then artist can use their new Google Music page to promote themselves and sell some music keeping 70% of monies earned.

Here are some information from Google’s terms and services.

The Artist Hub is a place for your content.The Artist Hub offers a place for solo artists and bands to set up an artist page, tell their story, and promote and sell their own music. You may use the Artist Hub only for your wholly original content or for content that you are absolutely positive you have authorization to use and sell. You must have both the sound recording rights and the composition rights for any music that you upload, plus all the rights for any album art, photo, bio, or other material that you submit — and you need to have all those rights for multiple forms of distribution. Mechanical rights, performance rights, display rights, perhaps derivatives — if you’re a little confused by all this, you’re probably not alone. Take a minute to visit our “Rights 101” material in the Help Center for some tips, pointers, and additional resources. (Don’t worry, we’ll keep reminding you to “Learn More.”)

The Artist Hub is no place for copyright outlaws. Google Music is all about respecting musicians, their music, and the laws that protect them both — and we expect you to do the same. We respect your copyright ownership by asking you to grant us only the rights we need to help you get your music into the Artist Hub and out to the world through the services we provide; you retain ownership and control of your own work, and that’s exactly as it should be. We respect all copyright owners (including you) by making it clear that we will not tolerate infringement. The unauthorized use of copyrighted content through the Google Music Artist Hub is not okay. It’s not respectful, it’s not cool, it violates your contract with us, and it’s against the law. And it is not welcome here.

The Artist Hub is a place for fans. We expect you to treat users and fans with the same kind of fairness and respect that we extend to you. Be honest. Don’t try to pull anything over on anyone. Think before you act or speak, and check out our Google Music Policies, as well as the Artist Terms of Service below. Follow the rules. Treat people well. Thanks.

The Artist Hub is a place for you. Whether you have a lot of fans or just a few; whether you favor klezmer, classical, country, hip-hop, hardcore, or something in between; or whether your dreams are big or small — it’s okay with us. So long as you’re a musical artist (or legitimately represent one) and have all the necessary legal rights, then we invite you to use the Google Music Artist Hub as a place to find your audience, and help your fans (old and new) find you.

Artists, good luck, it’s a competitive business out there.