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Google uses Microsoft’s ASP.NET for their surveys

Radford C. Feb 27, 2011 6


How interesting

After trying many times to integrate Google Apps with LazyTechGuys’ business, I ended up closing the account. What was amusing was the cancellation survey, which uses the .ASPX extention, clearly showing that it was developed using Microsoft’s .NET. You would think that Google would use whatever current software stack they develop with on their very own Google Apps and do a simple survey themselves. Either Google got a 3rd party that uses .NET or they ended up using Visual Studio to quickly put the survey together. With all the talk of Microsoft and Google stealing ideas and data from each other, it’s also apparent that they can’t live without each other as well. Here’s to seeing more good times and controversial stories from the big boys of tech.

  • Dispica


  • MikeMayhem

    Wow. No kidding. Even if it was 3rd party, this has to say something.

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  • HappyGoogler

    "Don't be evil" my ass

    • David Reuben

      Just because a company uses MS tech makes them automatically evil?

  • Merrick

    Good to know my skills can work even in rival companies