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How Facebook makes its money – the new way

Radford C. Dec 26, 2011 0

Most companies love it when someone does not understand how their money is made. I mean, why give out the secrets? Then again, when you’re Facebook, building trust is part of its business and part of building that trust includes letting its hundreds of millions of users know how they monetize through their system. Maybe.

Assuming that you’re part of the Facebook crowd, you have may have noticed something. At the top of every Facebook page is a blurb and link to explain how the social network gets ads and why they show up on your pages.

How Facebook Makes Money

Ads sound self-explanatory. 800+ million eyeballs can definitely keep something like Facebook for free but social networks are somewhat privy to how they react to ads. Some have voiced that it’s like bringing in a realtor to talk about his/her services at a house party. Do you feel better about Facebook putting out ads on your news feed even though they’ve been up front and transparent about it?

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