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Infinity Blade More Profitable Than Gears Of War

Radford C. Jun 29, 2012 0

Infinity Blade 2

Big things have small beginnings. A majority of the mobile games have been downplayed by core gamers as novelty items but that might change. Epic has told the press that Infinity Blade has been the “most profitable game they have ever made”. This is a stark contrast to console games which return larger margins but have to compete  for shelf space in retail outlets like Gamestop. Unlike their mobile counterparts, marquee console games are backed by million dollar marketing campaigns, splits with manufacturing and retailers. Chair entertainment, the developers for Infinity Blade, put together a small team to create the graphically inducing iOS game for the App Store and was driven mostly by word of mouth and thousands of strong user reviews with minimal marketing and low cost development.

This could possibly change development studios’ perception that core gamers don’t play on their mobile devices – well, at least for the iPhone and iPad. No doubt, other top gaming studios have already began trying their mettle on mobile with several ports. It will be a matter of time if mobile games can get past the perception of the casual look of gaming that Angry Birds has instilled in mobile entertainment. Maybe Infinity Blade will be the catalyst. Who knows?

Via »Gamasutra