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Kinect sells 2.5 Million in first 25 days

Radford C. Nov 30, 2010 0

Major Nelson of XBox Live fame announced on his blog that Kinect is on its way to selling 2.5 Million. Can you say “Black Friday”? In 10 days they’ve sold 1 million. Compare that to Sony’s 1 million  Playstation Move Controllers in 30 days. Isn’t The Sports Champions Move bundle cheaper than Kinect too?

Is it Microsoft’s 500 million dollar marketing that made the difference? Commercials don’t make people buy stuff but they sure as hell let them know it’s out there. If that was the case, I would be switching my can insurance to Geico.

In the bigger picture, the Wii still controls the motion control gaming market with more than 70 million Wii owners – and those are August numbers.  Microsoft and Sony has a large hill to climb if they want to even take half of that market. By the time they do there, Nintendo could possibly announce another console in the works.

Where is Sony and their numbers for Playstation Move? Gotta love competition. It breeds innovation.

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