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Leak: Radio Shack No Contract Wireless is Coming on September 5th

Tony Hannides Aug 21, 2012 0

radio shack cricket

In the last Wireless Weekly show, Sean and I discussed the possibility of Radio Shack branded their own prepaid wireless service. While Sean was more positive about the thought; I on the other hand could not see the benefit of the new service. Right now, Radio Shack offers 3 of the major postpaid carriers: Sprint, Verizon and AT&T. As for prepaid carriers, there’s a larger assortment: Boost Mobile (MVNO of Sprint), GoPhone (AT&T), Net10 (MVNO of Tracfone), Verizon Prepaid, Tracfone and Virgin Mobile (MVNO of Sprint). That’s 6 separate options. True, options for the customer is always a good idea. However, it might be spreading it a tad thin with a seventh prepaid option.

According to the document that was leaked to Engadget, Radio Shack will be launching their own service on September 5th. This day is going to be super busy since there’s also the Verizon/Motorola event and the Nokia/Windows Phone 8 event. Nevertheless, Radio Shack’s new service is, as you can see above, powered by Cricket Wireless, an MVNO of Leap Wireless. Cricket uses Sprint’s 3G CDMA network and has been doing so since August 2010. See? They’re all connected. And with 3 MNVO’s attached to Sprint, we better see hopefully we’ll see a good and competitive plan from the new Radio Shack No Contract Wireless.

Via »Engadget Mobile