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LTG Quick PSA: Change Your LinkedIn, eHarmony, and LastFM Passwords!

Victor B. Jun 7, 2012 0

As reported by Ars Technica, a hacker has posted a list of passwords taken from LinkedIn and eHarmony.  According to Mashable, the numbers are pretty staggering:  6.5 million from LinkedIn, and 1.5 million from eHarmony.  So if you use any of those services, there may be a very high chance yours may be one of the compromised.

Today is also saying on their site that they are “currently investigating the leak of some user passwords.”  Again, users please don’t wait for the result of the investigation and follow the instructions on their site on how to change your password!

Also, as another precaution, if you use the same password on another site, it may be a good idea to change those as well.

Via »Mashable

Via »Ars Technica