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Mayer: iPhones for Everyone at Yahoo

Tony Hannides Aug 21, 2012 0

marissa-ann-mayerMarissa Mayer, Yahoo’s new CEO, has been using an iPhone for years. Yes, that means she’s had an iPhone at Google when Android was on the rise. Now that she’s at Yahoo’s helm, she wants to do something big and bold. According to sources at Yahoo, she plans to give all of her employees iPhones. Currently, Yahoo employees are allowed to use any smartphone whether it be iPhone, Android or even a Blackberry.

But which iPhone is it? The iPhone 4s or the 5? It would be a smart move for her to wait a few months until the 5 comes out. But one reason why she supposedly wants to do this is to create some consistency.

Are iPhones really the best choice? Maybe. Maybe not. By now, smartphone users are used to a mobile OS and might want to stick with it. Luckily, Mayer told Kara Swisher of All Things D, she would be willing to give Android phones to those who want one. The question is, sure the device is free, but will Yahoo pay for the service as well? And will they force a carrier or leave it to choice? We’ll see.

Via »Business Insider