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MechWarrior For Game Consoles Prevented By Microsoft Copyright

Sean W. Nov 2, 2011 1

In July 2009, a MechWarrior game was revealed to the public.  It was developed by Piranha games to bring the series back and solve problems that plagued MechWarriors games.  This reveal trailer was released in July 2009, but the game did not get released.

Well Bryan Ekman, Co-owner of Piranha Games, has updated the MechWarrior Blog what happened to that game.

It turns out a Microsoft owned copyright happened.  Since Microsoft owns the MechWarrior trademark, Microsoft would not approve a PS3 version.  As big publishers considered publishing the game, they would want it on both the Xbox 360 and the PS3.

The hard work began in earnest after the video release. We had an aggressive schedule to visit publishers and gauge interest. In the month of August we met with all of the major publishers, pitched the MechWarrior game to a captive audience and waited. The answers rolled in slowly, starting with the smaller publishers. Then word showed up from the big five. The answer was no.

We knew going in, there were two major risks. No PS3 version due to a Microsoft restriction, and the epic market collapse and major recession. In the end, it was mostly the lack of a PS3 option that did us in. The scope and budget required to develop a console reboot needed the support of a PS3 SKU and we just couldn’t convince publishers to take a risk. By late fall 2009, our dreams of making a MechWarrior game, began slowly drifting away.

MechWarrior fans, rejoice in knowing that Piranha Games never gave up on MechWarrior and have announced they are bringing the game out as a free-to-play.  MechWarrior Online has been announced. Not much more is known about the new free-to-play version here is some concept art released from the official site.

  • Radford C.

    Damn. I've been waiting for a Mechwarrior game for the longest time. Miss that series.