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Microsoft reveals Skype development on XBox

Radford C. Apr 20, 2012 0


A job posting titled “Software Development Engineer, Xbox – Skype” on Microsoft’s careers site shows that the company is working on bringing Skype to the Xbox platform. Considering its hefty acquisition from last year, it seems like the more natural move for the software giant. The postings are for various engineering and management positions in London. New hires would be working with the newly-formed Skype Xbox Engineering Team. And with the move to the new Metro design launguage it’s likely that experience in the Metro style apps for Windows 8 CP would be beneficial. We’re still unsure if this means that the app will come to the 360 itself — rather, Microsoft says that it is “building the next generations of our products and technology,” so there’s no indication of when we might start to see the app hit the current console (or the next).

At 8.5 Billion for the Skype purchase, Microsoft has expressed plans to integrate Skype into Windows Phone and its other services. And with 15 million Kinects sold, Skype can be a frictionless service that would allow anyone to chat through the TV comfortably at their own couch.

Via »EnConnected

Via »MS Job Posting