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Netflix Expands Their Services to Scandinavia

Tony Hannides Aug 15, 2012 0

Netflix Logo

The streaming video giant, Netflix, has just announced their plans to expand the business to Scandinavia. For those of you not familiar with what countries we speak of, that includes Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Since their first international step into Canada, Netflix has kept its promise to expand into other countries who dream for a service like this. However, one thing that must be noted is Netflix’s content in Scandinavia might be a tad different than what we see here in the US. For example, lingering Showtime or AMC shows probably won’t show up because they are limited to American agreements. Either way, going into the international market is starting to show promise and near profit ever since they started their services in the UK. The Scandinavians will see the service go live in Q4 of this year.

Via »TechCrunch