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ProtonMedia CEO Shows Us Why ProtoSphere Destroys Second Life and PS Home (Video)

Radford C. Jul 18, 2012 0

ProtonMedia Ron Burns and LTGs Radford Castro

It’s official. ProtoSphere makes online virtual worlds actually useful. Creating virtual 3D social gaming (and non-gaming) platforms are nothing new but ProtonMedia’s aim is different. Essentially, ProtoSphere is a virtual environment that provides an arsenal of business-focused collaboration and communication tools. So, instead of trying to build a massive virtual social world and trying to populate it with a bunch of curious avators who are more concerned about their virtual furniture in their ‘second’ home, ProtoSphere takes the 3D environment in an entirely different direction by helping companies accelerate decision-making and raise productivity.

Speaking to CEO Ron Burns, LTG got a glimpse of ProtoSphere and saw how the product made a number of interesting innovations as well as offer a type of experience that, in some ways, is unprecedented in the realm of unified communications. In the demonstration, Burns showed how each virtual profile was connected to Sharepoint. Burns talks about how ProtoSphere “humanizes” the meeting room while raising engagement levels.

In a more tangible example, he showed us 3D models of reports, prototype products and a variety of other 3D objects that can be shared and seen by invited avatars in their own first person viewpoints. Within ProtoSphere’s virtual environment, the 3D space allowed participants to get as close as they could get without being physically together. In several use cases, their solution would save significant amount of time, money and preparatory work that would otherwise be required in an actual conference room and a real product prototype that would need to be created for proof of concept.

Burns talks about how ProtoSphere can be deployed quickly and easily in a no hassle SaaS scenario or on a network behind your firewall.  Check the jump on the video as we delve more into ProtoSphere:

On a related note, ProtoMedia is also one Polycom’s early adopters their RealPresence API.