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Report: Amazon To Snatch Up HP Palm and its flailing WebOS

Radford C. Sep 30, 2011 0

Amazon Buys PalmAmazon is  not only bursting into the tablet scene but bursting in the acquisition business. At least that’s what VentureBeat and This Is My Next are saying in their reports. It’s a little off the wall even if one were to remotely consider why Amazon is interested in Palm. Ditching Android for webOS after building an ecosystem for the newly announced Android-based Kindle Fire? We don’t think so.

This seems more like HP’s desperation to sell a dead cow that no longer has any cash remaining. if Amazon is indeed looking to acquire Palm from HP, the company could be looking to acquire a proper hardware design team. Incidentally, Amazon reportedly outsourced the Fire’s development to Quanta, who, as Ryan Block puts it, “helped them shortcut the development process by using the PlayBook as their hardware template.”

No wonder it looks the same.

This Is My Next reports (interview with former Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein):

So, we’d like a partner that would allow us to expand the webOS ecosystem… There’s a variety of different sets of a characteristics to qualify as a good partner. I would say Amazon would certainly make a great partner, because they have a lot of characteristics that would help them expand the webOS ecosystem. As to whether there’s been discussions or not… that’s obviously not something I’m going to comment about.

Back in 2010, HP paid $1.2 billion for Palm but after the public failure of the Touchpad and Apotheker’s missteps, it’s expected that Palm would sell for a much lower price point.

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