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RIM Almost Went Android

Tony Hannides Aug 3, 2012 0

Blackberry Logo

Today, RIM’s CEO Thorsten Heins was quoted to say his company was seriously considering switching over to Android. But in the end, RIM’s executive team felt they should go at it their own way with Blackberry 10. RIM wanted to continue being one of the few companies that designs the mobile OS, the hardware and continues maintenance on the back end. When Heins sat down with a Telegraph reporter he said:

“We took the conscious decision not to go Android,… If you look at other suppliers’ ability to differentiate, there’s very little wiggle room. We looked at it seriously — but if you understand what the promise of BlackBerry is to its user base it’s all about getting stuff done. Games, media, we have to be good at it but we have to support those guys who are ahead of the game. Very little time to consume and enjoy content — if you stay true to that purpose you have to build on that basis. And if we want to serve that segment we can’t do it on a me-too approach.”Thorsten Heins

So with that, we are patiently waiting for Blackberry 10 in hopes that RIM’s plans doesn’t blow up in their faces. We’ve seen some interesting developments with the Blackberry 10 Dev Alpha devices like the new camera or “Siri” like features. However, feature gimmicks are one thing but we’ve seen a good amount of developers pull out of Blackberry development to focus on iOS, Android or even WP8 (Windows Phone 8).

But imagine if they actually did go with Android. Would RIM’s version continue to focus on Enterprise and be the corporate Android system? Other Android OEMs have improved their Enterprise systems and integration but RIM might do it better. If Blackberry 10 fails in the market, do you think they’ll choose Android at that point or give up?

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