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Roku expected to go public by 2014

Radford C. Aug 13, 2012 0

Roku Logo
Roku CEO Anthony Wood  has noted this week that he expects his company to go public by 2014, according to an interview with Bloomberg West. The chief executive said that he would be very “surprised” if the company had not filed an IPO in the next two years.

A few weeks ago, News Corp bought stake in the video streaming company and put one of its senior execs on Roku’s board of directors hoping to play a larger role in distributing video over the internet. Additionally, Roku also became Pay TV’s streaming choice

The company makes extremely popular set-top boxes, with a wide range of prices and features. All of the boxes include a solid lineup of ‘channels’ (apps) and all feature HD playback support, whether it be 720p or 1080p.

Says the exec: “My desire is to build a large, successful company. We get offers occasionally; so far we haven’t taken any of them. Our board is right now on track to eventually become a public company. That’s our plan.”

There was no word on what valuation a company like Roku may IPO at.


Via »Bloomberg TV