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Rumor: IBM Kicks Tires of RIM’s Enterprise Business

Radford C. Aug 13, 2012 0

IBM Logo

Bloomberg has reported that IT giant International Business Machines is apparently interested in buying Research In Motion’s enterprise services unit. Despite the potential, there are no talks currently underway, according to sources familiar with the matter.

The struggling BlackBerry maker has been cutting down operating costs for a year now in order to boost earnings, including starting a plan to lay off over 25 percent of its employees. Recently, RIM saved the company from having to pay the nearly $150 million verdict handed down by a jury last month regarding Mformation’s patent.

While a sale would certainly help the company’s focus, it appears the Board of Directors is not yet completely sold on moving pieces.

The sources claim the Board has decided to wait until after next year’s release of the oft-delayed BlackBerry 10 operating system before deciding on moving forward with any sales.

Via »Benzinga (not Sheldon)