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Samsung Breaks Nokia’s 14-year Streak As #1 Handset Maker

Radford C. Apr 27, 2012 0

Samsung Logo

After breaking records in Q1 with a staggering $4.4 billion in net profit, research firm Strategy Analytics says Samsung has broken Nokia’s 14-year streak as the world’s top handset maker.

According to a Bloomberg report, Strategy Analytics estimates that Samsung shipped 93.5 million handsets versus Nokia’s 82.7 million units. Nokia has gone through a steady decline with its Symbian-based handset, its change at CEO and losing the smartphone crown to Apple and Samsung. Now, they fallen off with feature phones. Nokia now stands next to Microsoft as both companies bet heavy on the Windows Phone platform.

Samsung has become synonymous to Android phones, especially the Galaxy Nexus being touted as the pure Google Phone, but the majority of the handsets it sells are still “other phones.” The tech bubble, which mostly revolves around smartphones, seems to forget that there are other markets still using and buying feature phones as smartphones are still out of reach within those markets.

“Last year Samsung became No. 1 in Europe while Nokia retained the No. 1 position in most emerging markets,” Tom Kang, a Seoul-based research analyst at Strategy Analytics, told Bloomberg. “In the first quarter, we expect Samsung took a lot of market share from Nokia in Asia. China and India were the two biggest markets where Samsung gained.”

In the smartphone arena, two research firms bicker over which phone maker, Apple or Samsung, ended on top for Q1. Apple sold 35.1 million iPhones in the past quarter, but the estimates for Samsung smartphones sales differ. Strategy Analytics says Samsung sold 44.5 million smartphones, but IHS iSuppli says Samsung sold just 32 million smartphone units.

Via »Bloomberg