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Sony Dropping HD Support From Component Video Outputs Of New PS3s Due To New Blu-Ray Standards

Sean W. Jul 13, 2011 0

If you have a PS3 now, don’t worry about this.  If you have a TV with an available HDMI input and haven’t bought a PS3, don’t worry about this.  If you planed on using Component cables to hook up your PS3 to a TV for HD and you still do not own a PS3, you should pay attention.

Sony is dropping HD support form the component outputs on the PS3.  Before anyone gets upset, it looks like new HD standards for Blu-Ray is the cause for this change and it will effect all Blu-Ray players.  If you buy a Blu-Ray player after December 31, 2013, you will be required to use an HDMI cable to watch high definition programing.

AACS, the form of DRM used in HD, is putting mandatory limits on which cables can be used to transmit HD from a piece of hardware and the TV.  This DRM was jointly supported by companies like Sony, Microsoft, Toshiba, Intel and many more.  This move is a attempt to curb any type of hacking and piracy of digital content off Blu-Ray discs.

From AACS:

The license details new restrictions on analog video outputs. “Use of the Image Constraint Token (limiting image resolution to 540p over analog) will have to be reported on the packaging and/or publicity materials. The Digital Only Token (prohibiting all image output over analog) will be very limited in use, mainly for non-consumer products and discs released less than six weeks after theatrical release of thetitle.” 

All new players sold after December 31, 2010 “must limit analog video output of BD content to interlaced standard definition (480i/576i). Then, 2013 is the expiration date for analog video: no playerthat passes “Decrypted AACS Content” to analog video outputs may be manufactured or sold after December 31, 2013.