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Sony Joins Netflix And Calls Out Comcast’s Discriminatory Data Caps

Sean W. May 2, 2012 0

Data Cap

Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, called out Comcast and their data cap policy a few weeks ago and now it looks like Sony is joining in the complaint.  A video service similar to Netflix has been in the planning from Sony but the project is on hold with concerns of Comcast capping data.

Michael Aragon, VP of Sony, stated the company is waiting to see if regulators will allow Comcast to selectively cap some services and not their own.  He was quoted saying, “Those guys have the pipe and the bandwidth, if they start capping things, it gets difficult”.  Reed Hastings  used Facebook called out Comcast for “no longer following net neutrality principles”.

Comcast, with the launch of the Xfinity App on the Xbox 360, has decided to not count the data usage from the app against the 250GB data cap limit.  All other apps coming from Netflix or any other Non-Comcast service counts against the data cap.  Exceeding the data cap will result on the cutting off the service and more fees.

Maybe this was the initial plan for the Video Unlimited service on the Playstation Network, it would match their Music Unlimited service more closely and the video would be actually “unlimited”.

Via »Ars Technica