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Sony Rolls out New Music Streaming Service similar to Pandora in the UK

Sean W. Dec 24, 2010 1

Sony has officially rolled out Music Unlimited, a new music streaming service that is part of the Qriocity, recently in the UK.  Qriocity is Sony’s new platform for delivering different forms of entertainment to Sony devices.   Supported devices currently  include computers, PS3 and HDTV among others.

Music Unlimited will features millions of songs from major labels and can stream music to the compatible device instantly.  It’s a subscription based catalog service similar to Rhapsody and Pandora.  The service is said to scan songs in one’s music library and match them  up with related content in the catalog.  It only reads the title and artist of the song for creating the content, and any song that doesn’t match a song in the online catalog will be ignored by the service.  Any music with DRM will not work with the service.

Kazuo Hirai, president and Group CEO, told reporters, “”We didn’t think we could appeal to users with the same kind of model as iTunes, so we decided to make this [Web-based] and maintain that music playlist.”  Sony is also looking to, in the future, add video content for streaming also.

Qriocity already a video portion included, named “Video on Demand”,  launched in the UK, Spain, Italy, Germany and France late in late November.  It’s an online rental business service and boasts a variety of SD and HD movies, old and new and in several languages.

Qriocity Video on Demand Service

Music Unlimited havs two subscription packages, the basic service and the premium service.  The former being about $6 and month, the later being about $15 a month.  The premium service adds more control over what is played and access to top 100 lists.

It launched in the UK and in Ireland, and is set to launch in North America in 2011.

[Via Wall Street Journal]

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