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Sony to cut 10,000 jobs and bonuses from top executives (update)

Radford C. Apr 9, 2012 0

Update: Weird. We have two reports coming in that are conflicting with one another. One says that  Sony has denied the job cuts to BBC while another from The Wall Street Journal has flashed news that Sony will indeed cut 10,000 jobs but over a period of two years.

Hirai is also expected to confirm that the seven high-level execs at the company will give up their annual bonus. The decision affects Sir Howard Stringer who recently relinquished his role as CEO and president. Stringer still serves as chairman of the board.

Hirai has said recently that he will focus on ”three core pillars” – digital imaging, gaming and mobile. Among the changes expected are a more harmonized UI across the various Sony platforms and devices, more targeted R&D into what Sony believes will be the “next big thing” in tech, and greater horizontal integration between the firm’s disparate divisions and product lines, such as phones, PCs, TVs and tablets.

The plans are ambitious and Sony faces a challenge enacting them. The company is believed to be preparing the next-gen PlayStation, codenamed Orbis, for a potential launch in time for the 2013 holidays, though more recent gaming efforts have blundered.

Via »AFP