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Sprint At 4G Crossroads: WiMAX or LTE

Radford C. Feb 12, 2011 0

Sprint LogoThe telecommunications company put a timeframe on the question of when it might shift from WiMAX to LTE. Under the direction of Dan Hesse, Sprint has made some modest gains from last quarter in terms of subscribers  and is on its way to making Sprint more relevant in the mobile front. The bigger concern is Sprint’s network choices as its future roadmap. Sprint currently is in the process of shuttering its iDEN network – very old cell tech. With plans to phase out the network’s cell sites in 2013 Hesse said that the current plan to shift some of the iDEN push-to-talk subscribers to CDMA which will be costly.

Networks like Verizon and AT&T have now turned to LTE as an alternative to WiMAX – the current  4G technology Sprint taps into for its 4G phones like the Sprint EVO 4G.

Hesse said that the company would disclose its plans regarding LTE versus its WiMAX commitment about midyear.

“Either midyear or possibly even earlier in terms of telling you what we might do, not midyear in terms of implementation but in terms of describing more to the investment community what our plans are with respect to 4G. It’s likely we’ll tell you something before the middle of the year.”

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