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Sprint Will Shut Down Their iDEN Network in 2013

Tony Hannides May 29, 2012 0
Sprint Logo

Image Courtesy of Sprint

For those of you still using Sprint/Nextel network, be aware that the Now Network is planning to shut down “chirping” in  2013. Why? They need to free up space for 4GLTE. There are Push-to-Talk features available in 4GLTE so they probably won’t get rid of the walkie-talkie feature 100%. If they do, just download an app like Voxer. In a statement to the public, Sprint said:

“Sprint will send written notices to business and government customers beginning June 1, 2012, regarding the iDEN Nextel National Network shutdown,… Additional notices are planned for distribution to the iDEN base multiple times over the next year as the shutdown of the iDEN Nextel National Network becomes more imminent.”

Do you think you’ll see be using iDEN in 2013? Let us know.

Via »AllThingsD