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Take a tour at a knock-off Apple store in China (video)

Radford C. Jul 27, 2011 1

Bootleg Apple Store

Photos of fake Apple retail stores in China not good enough for you? Well, NBC’s “Today” show headed to Kunming, a city in the southwest of the country, that houses just such a store to capture it on tape.

NBC reporter Adrienne Mong heads inside to scope out the trimmings on the Kunming store–the same one that made headlines last week after being profiled by a blogger with the handle BirdAbroad.

Employees of the fake Apple store, who even wore the trademark blue T-shirts along with the obligatory lanyard told Mong she believes the media have “distorted the facts” about the operation.

Following last week’s interest over the fake shops, Reuters reported that Chinese authorities have already closed 2 of the Apple stores but were still looking into whether any laws were being broken which would include proper permits, licenses, and official Apple gear.

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