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This Day In Tech: Intel Was Founded

Radford C. Jul 18, 2012 0

Intel Logo With Blue Background and Random Pointless Circles

Yup. It’s Intel’s birthday today. In July 18, 1968, Robert Noyce, Andy Grove, and Gordon Moore incorporated Intel in Santa Clara (California) to build microprocessors. Their first processor, the 4004, was released in 1971 for use in calculators. IBM’s choice of Intel’s 8088 processor for use in the IBM PC led to Intel’s emergence as the premier manufacturer of processors still to this day.

The name was mashup of two words – Integrated Electronics. For 44 years, semiconductor chip maker has made a name for itself not only in PCs but also in every single Mac made today.

As part of their celebration, the company also reported a second-quarter revenue of $13.5 billion. “The second quarter was highlighted by solid execution with continued strength in the data center and multiple product introductions in Ultrabooks and smartphones,” said Paul Otellini, president and CEO. “As we enter the third quarter, our growth will be slower than we anticipated due to a more challenging macroeconomic environment. With a rich mix of Ultrabook and Intel-based tablet and phone introductions in the second half, combined with the long-term investments we’re making in our product and manufacturing areas, we are well positioned for this year and beyond.”

Via »Intel Newsroom