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Hip Hop Artists in Tech: Chamillionaire in Venture Partners and 50 Cent on CNBC

Radford C. Aug 2, 2011 0

In our last podcast, we talked about Hip Hop artists and their involvement in tech and some maybe surprised to know how a small number of these artists are well-spoken real thinkers as well as passionate entrepreneurs and businessmen/businesswomen. In the following videos, we have Chamillionaire appearing in “This Week in Venture Capital” (more like last year) talking about his involvement in VCs and his love for all things tech. It’s an hour long but you get a refreshing look at how Chamillionaire has a very different refreshing approach to what many most failed Hip Hop artists still continue to make mistakes on. It’s insightful and he talks also on why most musicians are horrible investors and even states how he’s in the middle of downsizing his footprint in lavish luxuries that’s been so often glazed by media and music videos. He talks about how people distort the hiphop scene and finance at the same time and the same tired genres (clothing line, purfume, alcohol, etc.) of products actors and artists invest into time and time again. After watching this video you may have a different opinion on Chamillionaire. Smart guy.

As a bonus, here is 50 Cent, who I consider one of the more business savvy recording artists, shows up on CNBC to talk about how technology has changed the way music sells, his thoughts on piracy and his joint book with Robert Greene – The 50th law.

Personally, I find it refreshing to see recording artists get into something different as opposed to the more crowded and competitive industries of perfumes and/or clothing lines. But hey, that’s just me.

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