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Verizon Wireless Will Shut Down Alltel’s Data Network by January 2013 (Updated)

Tony Hannides Jul 30, 2012 0

verizon alltel letter data network


A recent blog post about a letter sent to certain Verizon Wireless customers indicating that Verizon Wireless plans to retire the data network it purchased from Alltel in 2009 and has operated since that time, affects only customers of Verizon Wireless who continue to use alltel-branded equipment for data services.  The letter was sent to those customers to give them time to transition to a Verizon Wireless device without any interruption in their data services.


Only Verizon Wireless customers who still use alltel-branded devices are receiving letters and are affected by this change.  No other wireless customers are affected.

Since the merger of Verizon and Alltel in 2009, the two companies have been operating with 2 data networks. Most of Alltel’s customers should have been switched over to Verizon’s 3G or 4GLTE network but if they haven’t, Big Red plans to cut off Alltel’s data by January 2013. This means those customers can still text and call but as for any data apps including picture messages, web and apps, they won’t work. Hopefully most of you have made the switch over to Verizon but I’m sure there are still some small businesses with a bunch of Alltel phones that might be affected by this change. If you’ve received this in your mail, good job for actually opening it up and reading it (most people don’t). If you’re not sure if you’re affected, contact customer service and they can guide you in the right direction.

Via »DroidLife