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Viacom Pulls Content From Internet In Protest Of DirecTV

Sean W. Jul 11, 2012 0

Sad Spongebob

If you haven’t heard, Viacom and DirecTV are fighting right now.  The battle between these two which started over TV channels has now spilled onto the internet as Viacom has now pulled TV programming in effort to put pressure on DirecTV.

The dispute between these two companies came as Viacom wanted to increase their fees 30%.  An increase in fees to DirecTV will likely lead to a price increase for subscribers. DirecTV has decided not to agree to the fare increase which, in turn, led to Viacom pulling 26 channels including MTV, BET, Nickelodeon and Comedy Central.  As of now, negotiations are still proceeding.

In effort to gain support in their Negotiations, Viacom has decided to pull content from internet sources including shows like Jersey Shore and The Daily Show. Attempting to view any content will give you a prompt that says to call DirecTV.

One can wonder how pulling TV shows from the internet will help Viacom’s issue with DirecTV except for a few more signatures.  Best of all, these additional signatures will most likely be from non-DirecTV customers so I’m not sure how this will help negotiations.  One can also be curious if most people encountering this move by Viacom would really make a phone call or just find alternative means of being entertained.

Via »Ars Technica