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Winners of the MobileBeat 2012 App Contest

Radford C. Jul 11, 2012 0

The Good Ear – John Nahm

2 out of 10 finalists were selected as winners and nabbed the coveted Tesla Prize.

The Good Ear is the winner of the MobileBeat app category. The app was clinically proven to help  analyze and treat hearing loss. Using a variety of sounds, tones and frequencies that make a scratching of chalkboards sound like a symphony. The presentation made by John Nahm was not only humorous but quickly consumed by the audience in its simplicity.

Placed – David Shim

Placed was the winner of MobileBeat’s innovation contest which concentrated on mobile platforms and SaaS. The location analytics platform puts into context of what people do within a mobile device. Placed Founder and CEO David Shim says the company wants to change the discussion around mobile analytics away from metrics such as how long an app was open or someone’s basic location for simple geo-targeting. In Shim’s presentation, heat maps of mall-like layouts of top retailers such as Best Buy and Walmart  determine where and when their users are engaged with their apps.

Winners of the MobileBeat contest will receive a two-hour business strategy session from Tandem Capital, as well as 10,000 Business ExtrAA points from American Airlines (or around five domestic round-trip tickets).

Photos by ZatPhoto