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YouTube co-founders possibly launching a new start-up

Radford C. Mar 25, 2011 0

What better idea could possibly be better than YouTube? Well, the two founders, Chard Hurley and Steve Chen, who sold the online video service  to Google for $1.5 billion have began talks about doing a new startup.  Where did this all come from? A discussion one of the founders participated in at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in Manhatton, of all places.

Hurley, 34, was obviously secretive but said they’re looking at what might be done with the “basic components that every Web site needs to get off the ground.” Another idea he said he has toyed with for some time has to do with indexing videos. Since word has gone out, it’s likely that VCs have been reaching out with the checkbooks to get their piece.

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