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Cakewalk Adds LA-2A Style Limiting To The ProChannel Console

Sean W. Apr 2, 2012 0

Cakewalk has once again expanded the ProChannel console found within the Sonar Producer X1 Expanded program.  This latest addition is called the PC2A T-Type Limiting Amplifier and is a version of the LA-2A.

The PC2A was designed to recreate the sound from the original LA-2A while added a few extra features.  The PC2A has two modes: “Fast Reset” which looks to be a percussion special mode, and the “Classic” mode which is closer to the original hardware.  It also as a setting called R37, which is a setting that controls the amount of high-frequency compression that affects sibilance.

The selling price for this latest expansion is $79 and is available now.

Via »Cakewalk